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Our Reputation

"If Kindra agrees to work for you, it will be an excellent investment in your organization. I have 35+ years of hiring people to do work...Kindra Benavidez is among the best 10 hires I have ever made."

- Linda R.,

"She is an asset to the workplace not only because of her results but also because of her demeanor." 

- Patt D., 
Project Management Office Chief

"Since 2005, I have collaborated with Kindra Benavidez in contexts ranging from serving on a statewide committee to planning leadership events. Her creative intelligence is demonstrated through detailed project planning, expert facilitation, and excellent interpersonal skills. Kindra blends the discipline of Organizational Development with Information Technology resulting in an effective holistic approach.  It is a pleasure to work with Kindra andI consistently seek out her expertise."

- Sandra K.,
Enterprise Risk Manager



"Kindra approaches every project with a level of integrity, character and competence that sets her apart from other consultants. Her sincere ability to build relationships and get extraordinary results makes her a great asset to any organization."

- Tonia S.,
Organizational Consultant


"Kindra has the rare ability to actively engage all team members by making each of their contributions noteworthy. The products she created became sources of pride for the entire project team and became templates for future endeavors."

- Mike B.,
Project Manager


"Kindra's attention to detail, analytical and project management skills lead toimplementations that were on schedule and within budget."

- Ron M.,
IT Project Manager



"Kindra is very ethical and customer focused in her work approach and efforts. She takes the time to understand the business and its needs and designs her work products with these in mind."

- Mary W.,
IT Project Manager


"Kindra has the ability to ask questions that lead to the type of detail needed in mapping out a project, yet she is able to keep the bigger picture in mind. It is this skill that helps her build complete project plans as well as being able to fully inform managers of areas that need resources or may be at risk. I feel fortunate to have had access to her skills."

- Don C., 
Assistant Director


"You are on the right track and I wouldn't have known the track until you showed me."

- Lisa M.,
Project Executive



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